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Important documents

General Guidelines

All games are assigned to WAISOA members.

All assignments and schedules are posted on the (Arbitersports.com). Group 105746

After officials receive their preliminary assignments, they are required to confirm the receipt of those assignments and to accept or decline all assignments by the stated deadline, or the matches will be reassigned.

All officials are required to keep current address, cell phone number (or primary contact number if no cell), and conflict data current.

All officials are required to have an active RefPay.com account that is linked to their Arbiter profile for payment. Payment will not be made in any other manner.

The Local Area Coordinators are expected to keep in contact with the schools within their assigned area to ensure that no match information has changed.

If there is any change to the match information or to the officiating crew Arbitersports.com sends an auto e-mail and the crew can sign on and reaccept or decline the match.

The referee is expected to contact the assistant referees, alternate official, and assessor (as assigned) at least 72 hours before the match to confirm that the other members of the crew know the correct match information and to coordinate travel or other arrangements.

If an assistant referee does not hear from the assigned referee at least 48 hours before the match, it is the responsibility of the assistant referee to contact the referee to verify match and travel details.

If any of the officials finds that he or she cannot complete an assignment within a week of a confirmed assignment, he or she must contact the Local Area Coordinator as soon as possible and update his or her status on the website.

Any official who does not show up for a scheduled assignment, may be assessed 150% of the match fee as a penalty.

Any official who cannot fulfill an assignment or will be late to an assignment due to an emergency shall contact the Local Area Coordinator. If the referee cannot directly contact the Local Area Coordinator, he or she calls the Director of Assigning. If the referee cannot contact the Director of Assigning, he or she calls the other crew members.

It is important to either program each Local Area Assignor's phone numbers into your phone or have a written list so you can contact them immediately.

The Area Coordinator (or Director of Assigning, alternately) is responsible for communicating the late or missing official to the affected home team and crew members.

Any referee who does not follow these guidelines and, as a result, does not have three officials for any match may be assessed the match fee for the missing official.


Match Fees


4-year programs            2-Year Programs

Ref: $175.00                                 $134.60

AR1: $100.00                                $80.60

AR2: $100.00                                $80.60

                        Assessor: $65.00                         

Community college playoff games, add $5.00 to match fee
Community college semi/final games, add $7.00 to match fee

 4-Year Spring Games      2-Year Spring Games

Ref       $95.00                                     $90.25

AR1      $52.25                                     $47.50

AR2      $52.25                                     $47.50  

                        Assessor:   $57.00


Mileage will be paid at a rate of $.40/mile, starting at 40 round-trip miles per game and capping at 250 round-trip miles per game (or set of games if officiating more than one game at the same location).

The Arbiter system calculates the mileage to and from a site's zip code, based on an official's home address--please keep this updated in the system.  If you do exactly the default (drive to and from a game from your home zip code and incur no ferry expenses to be reimbursed), please do nothing--this is what you will be paid for.

There are a lot of exceptions to this--traveling from a different address, carpooling, etc.--the system does not allow referees to directly change the mileage data.  If you carpool or drive less than the mileage calculated, email treasurer@waisoa.org with the following information:

- Your name
- Game #
- Game date
- Your position on the game (R, AR1, AR2, Assessor)
- Total round-trip mileage (if none, this needs to be sent, too)

If an official is in an area other than their home area for reasons not related to WAISOA and agrees to officiate a match, mileage reimbursement will be paid from place of trip origination.

Officials are expected to take reasonable measures to find the most economical means of transportation to matches, including travel by their own vehicle, airplane, rental car, or train. Reimbursement for travel costs other than mileage must be communicated to and approved by an assignor and the treasurer in advance.

Two or more officials traveling to a match from the same basic geographic area are expected to carpool, and passengers in vehicles will not be reimbursed mileage expenses.


The only expenses that will be reimbursed beginning fall 2011 are ferry costs.  If you take a ferry to or from a match, please email the scanned receipt and the following information:

- Your name
- Game #
- Game date
- Your position on the game (R, AR1, AR2, Assessor)
- Total ferry costs

Email with this information must be sent to treasurer@waisoa.org within 48 hours of the game.


Dress Guidelines

Officials are expected to wear WAISOA-approved uniforms for all matches

Assessors should dress in a professional manner; apparel with logos is not required.

The referee is expected to communicate the choice of apparel to the rest of the officiating crew.

For matches where dressing rooms are available, wear polo and slacks or a blazer, dress shirt, and slacks to and from the match.

For all matches where dressing rooms are not available, officials may wear WAISOA or other approved warm-ups to and from the matches.

Officials should not wear only their uniforms for travel to and from a match.



Officials are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times

Excessive fraternization with coaches, field staff, fans, etc. is discouraged in order to maintain impartiality.

Rules of all governing bodies served by WAISOA will be provided to each official at the annual pre-season clinics and will be posted, or links to the rules will be available on the WAISOA website.

Officials should introduce themselves to each coach and to the field staff and assure that all regulations regarding fields, time clocks, etc. are in order before the match.

All officials are expected to arrive at the venue no less than 30 minutes prior to CC games and one hour prior to 4 year schools before the scheduled start of any match.

Officials are expected to be familiar with the rules of each division they officiate and know and follow all reporting guidelines.

In case of misconduct of bench personnel, officials are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and are required to report incidents to the proper authorities and Area Coordinator immediately following the match.

Officials are also expected to be aware of any school/division guidelines regarding misconduct of fans, bench or field personnel. 


Community Colleges have some specific rules; make sure you are aware of them

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