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The WAISOA Board recommends that all members make plans to attend the Washington State Referee Development Academy which will be held over the last weekend in July at Central Washington University. There will be two opportunities for you to satisfy your physical performance requirements. The physical performance test for WAISOA Renewing/New members is identical to the FIFA Sprint and Interval Test. Please see WAISOA Physical Performance Test link below for test minimums. The USSF fitness test will be given Saturday morning and the WAISOA physical performance test will be given Sunday Morning.  There will also be an opportunity for you to complete your education requirements Sunday after the fitness test.

You may find one or more of the following References useful to you in your efforts related to WAISOA:

NCAA 2018/2019 Soccer Rules & Interpretations (Free PDF Download)

NCAA Soccer Officiating - Center Circle

NWACC Soccer Rules

WAISOA Physical Performance Test






The WAISOA Board thanks you for your commitment to college soccer and hope you all enjoy the 2019 season.

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